Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Clemson Area Classical Academy unique? 

 Our unique educational design combines classical methodology with a Christian biblical worldview enabling us to learn and grow together academically and spiritually, all within the classical model of development. We are able to embrace the stage of development of the students: Grammar, Dialectic (Logic) and Rhetoric.  At CCA, our Mission is to assist parents in the education of their children by providing a homeschool hybrid educational setting that cultivates truth, goodness, and beauty in students through a distinctly Christ-centered, classical, and covenantal education. Through a rigorous classical curriculum, Clemson Classical Academy educates youth through a historic Christian worldview and partners with parents committed to their biblically ordained role as the primary instructors of their children. We will offer small class sizes at all stages of academics with individualized instruction from passionate, classically-trained instructors.

Is this Program only for current Homeschool Families? 

No, you do not have to previously been a homeschool family to enroll. However, you must commit to homeschooling to be a part of CCA. This requires registering with a Third-Party Accountability Group in the state of SC. 


We have families from different backgrounds expressing interest and applying to our program. So, whether you're currently a homeschool, private school, or public school family, if you're looking for a place that is serious about educational excellence, parental involvement, and applying the gospel, then Clemson Area Classical Academy is the place for you. 


Are students able to take individual courses instead of fully enrolling in the program?

Students in the Grammar Program must register for the full program. However, math and latin classes are scheduled to allow individualization as far as student ability levels. 

In the Logic Program, students are encouraged to register for the full program, and students will not be able to officially accepted for individual classes unless there is availability as of July 1st.

In the Rhetoric Program, students may enroll in classes according to their needs; however, enrollment priority will be based on the number of classes for which a student is registering. Official acceptance for students taking less than a full load will be confirmed July 1st. 


What are the program fees?

See program fees page

Is CCA a not for profit organization?

Yes, we are a not for profit organization, (501C3).

What is the role of parents in this model?

All CCA families are committing to the role of primary educator in their students academic career. CCA provides that structure and support by coming alongside the parents to provide a fully laid out curriculum and guidance. Students will attend classes at CCA 2 days per week.  During home campus days, parents are responsible for overseeing the academic work and communicating with teachers when necessary The amount of time spent on these tasks depends on the age of the student, the classes they take, and the family.  Obviously, the younger the student, the more involved the parent will be on home days.  As students grows older, we expect to see more independence on home campus days. Throughout the Logic and the Rhetoric Stages, the parent gradually moves more into the role of encourager and accountability partner, helping prepare their student for college. We will say that most families are surprised at how quickly they are able to complete the work in the home setting when provided structured curriculum and support.  

How will I know what to teach at home each week?

Key objectives and new concepts will be introduced by the teacher in class each week. Lessons assigned for home days will reinforce and apply the key objectives already taught.  Weekly lesson plans for both the campus classroom and the home classroom will be posted online at the beginning of each week. This will allow parents to have an idea of what each week will look like at home and remain the primary instructor of their children.

What are the qualifications for the instructors you hire? 

Our teachers are either certified teachers or experts within their fields.  We seek professionals who love children and have a gifting and passion for instruction. They must also fully and joyfully subscribe to our Statement of Faith. Our instructors will also be trained in Classical methodology. 

What curriculum are you using? 

CCA will offer a rigorous, college-preparatory, classical curriculum across all subjects. Full details are provided under "academics".

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