The Grammar Program 



From the earliest grades through the upper elementary levels, students use the Al Abacus, games, and activities of Rightstart Mathematics to develop number sense and learn math strategies. This multi-sensory approach allows students with various learning styles to builds skills and confidence in the area of mathematics. 


Phonics and Spelling

Our Lower Elementary students explore the symbols and sounds of the English language to build early reading and spelling skills. Classic storybooks and chapter books are used for early reading practice. The continued use Logic of English and Orton-Gillingham based spelling programs throughout the Lower School program allows the students plenty of time to master these elements and become confident in their reading, spelling, and writing. 



Science class presents opportunities for daily study in nature through walks, science projects, gardening, observations, sketching, and keeping a nature journal. We want children to be in awe of God’s magnificent creation. 

“One of the secrets of the educator is to present nothing as stale knowledge, but to put himself in the position of the child, and wonder and admire with him; for every common miracle which the child sees with his own eyes makes of him for the moment another Newton. “                  

 - Charlotte Mason 



Classical Literature is used throughout the program. From an early age, students learn to understand the elements of a story. From learning Onomatopoeia through exploring Blueberries with Sal to understanding the complex themes of Jane Eyre, students are taught to evaluate context, rising action, theme and other story elements using Center for Lit Schools methods. Students are taught the skills of copywork, narration, and dictation are emphasized as a foundational step to more complex written tasks. Writing is further addressed through the teaching of the classical progymnasmata. Cottage Press Bards and Poets and Poetics and Progymn are employed in the Upper Elementary years. 



Latin begins in Kindergarten with the teaching of vocabulary through song. Over the first several years, the focus remains on learning vocabulary and Latin endings through these enjoyable songs. As students begin a more formal study of English Grammar in third grade, they also learn the early elements of Latin grammar.  Teaching the skills alongside one another enhances understanding of both subjects. This method leads to a deeper understanding of English sentence structure, allowing students to excel in English and foreign language studies as they enter the Upper School Program



History studies allow our students to develop a sense of an overarching timeline of events from Creation to Modern Times. Our Lower School students study a cycle of history each year. Time at home and field trips become more enjoyable as all lower grade levels study the same time period. This year we will explore Early American times. Living Books and hands-on activities are at the core of these studies. Students will make a straw bed, explore the routes traveled by early explorers, seek to understand the foundational events of our country, and enjoy lots of "American" recipes!