Phonics and Reading

The Grammar Program will use The Logic of English curriculum to teach reading, spelling, and early vocabulary development. This program integrates phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary development, fluency, and reading comprehension using evidence-based reading instruction. 


Rightstart Math will be used in grades K-4 to establish a firm foundation in understanding of mathematical concepts. 

 Math Mammoth will be used in grades 5-6. 

History and Geography

2nd through 6th: Veritas Press History, Legends and Leagues and Supplemental Materials. 

History and Geography will be coordinated across the Grammar Program  to study one time period and Geographical Region each year. Enrichment will be provided in the form of projects, presentations, games, theatrical activities, and more. 


Charlotte Mason Based Science Program : This curriculum will be coordinated across the Lower School (grades 1-6) so that all students will be exploring the same general topic at developmentally appropriate levels. The use of living books, sketching, and narration will help in the memorization of the basic grammar of scientific concepts.

Lyrical Life Science will be used for Science grammar memorization. 


Kindergarten through 6th grade: Veritas Press Bible and God's Great Covenant. 

Bible will be coordinated across the Lower School to study one section each year. Enrichment will be provided in the forms of projects, presentations, games, theatrical activities and more. Families will be able to use these studies to further their own family devotions as all students will be studying the same Bible cards and verses.


K-3rd: Song School Latin will be used to introduce early Latin vocabulary and chants. 

4th-7th: Latin for Children 

Upper School: Latin Alive 


 K-4: Logic of English

5-6: Vocabulary from Classical Roots 

English Grammar and Composition

1st and 3rd Grades: Logic of English Foundations and Essentials

4th through 6th Grade: Analysis based grammar instruction. IEW based writing instruction. 

Art and Music

Art and Music are integrated throughout all of the subjects.  

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