Fee Schedule 2021-2022

As of February 1st, 2021, the registration fee for current families is $75 PER student. This fee is due in order to secure a position in the class. 

The student fees of $150 per student will be due May 1st. 

School of Grammar:
K4: $1600 
K5-6th grade: $2600 

School of Logic and School of Rhetoric (grades 7-12):        
$525 per class for English and History courses; $425 per course for other classes        
The courses are billed by the year, not semester. You must complete payment for the year if you withdraw from a class.
*Priority of acceptance will be based on the number of courses selected. 

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: Children enrolled in K-12 classes. Discount does not apply to K4 students. 
1st child pays 100%
2nd child pays 95%
3rd+ children pays 90% for FULLY ENROLLED students (this does not apply to a la carte enrollment).
The discount will be applied to the lesser tuition first.
If an upper school student drops a course, the discount will be owed back.