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Charlotte Mason




Hybrid Model 

Foundational Principles


“Let teachers believe that knowledge is the sole concern of education, that knowledge is life, and that knowledge of God is eternal life, end education will advance by leaps and bounds, personality will develop, and the children we bring up will be, as we would have them, greater and better than ourselves."

- Charlotte Mason 



"The Best of Both Worlds"

CCA is pleased to offer a unique home/school educational opportunity.  CCA will offer classes two days each week. These small classes of like-minded students will be taught by qualified, Christian instructors. On the other days of the week, students will learn at home under the guidance of their loving and dedicated parents. For each class, parents will receive a syllabus of the work to be completed at home for class. Parents will also receive guides that describe the content covered in class each week. This educational model allows parents to be the primary instructors in their children’s lives while having the support of a rigorous program with curriculum guidance and academic support. We offer once per year national standardized testing for our families. CCA exists to help parents by providing an educational option that educates with academic integrity and vigor! 


Classical, Christian, Charlotte Mason Inspired Curriculum

Students begin by learning the fundamental facts and rules of each subject. Teaching methods such as singing, memorizing, chanting, and recitation are emphasized. During this stage, a child develops an appetite or love for learning. An inquiring mind drives the investigation and exploration that results in learning. It is important to provide the child time for play and investigation, as well as, quality material and living books to explore. The students exit the Grammar Stage with tools needed for self-education. A hallmark of our program is the integration of subjects to create a meaningful context for learning and exploration. Each academic year, we strive to integrate the study of n
ature, history, art and artist studies, language, classic literature, and Latin in meaningful ways. No subject is taught in isolation.  

Students are taught how to analyze, reason, question, evaluate, and critique. They learn to think about all aspects of life within the framework of a biblical worldview. Formal logic is taught as a core subject beginning in the seventh grade.

In the study of rhetoric, students develop thoughtful, mature ideas based on their knowledge. Students learn how to speak and write with eloquence and grace.