Clemson Area Classical Academy is a 501C3 Non-profit private educational program. It is a Christ-centered education program which combines the best aspects of a home and traditional education.  As a private academic program which includes an option for a homeschool hybrid model, we exist to partner with parents to provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that is both classically and Biblically based.


“Is not the great defect of our education today...that although we often succeed in teaching pupils 'subjects,' we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think: they learn everything, except the art of learning.”

Dorothy L. Sayers - The Lost Tools of Learning



"The Best of Both Worlds"

CCA is pleased to offer a unique home/school educational opportunity.  CCA will offer classes two days each week. These small classes of like-minded students will be taught by qualified, Christian instructors. On the other days of the week, students will learn at home under the guidance of their loving and dedicated parents. For each class, parents will receive a syllabus of the work to be completed at home for class. Parents will also receive guides that describe the content covered in class each week. This educational model allows parents to be the primary instructors in their children’s lives while having the support of a rigorous program with curriculum guidance and academic support. We offer once per year national standardized testing for our families. CCA exists to help parents by providing an educational option that educates with academic integrity and vigor! 



The Classical Trivium

Students begin by learning the fundamental facts and rules of each subject. Teaching methods such as singing, memorizing, chanting, and recitation are emphasized. Formal latin instruction begins in the third grade. 

Students are taught how to analyze, reason, question, evaluate, and critique. They learn to think about all aspects of life within the framework of a biblical worldview. Formal logic is taught as a core subject beginning in the seventh grade.

In the study of rhetoric, students develop thoughtful, mature ideas based on their knowledge. Students learn how to speak and write with eloquence and grace. 


Upcoming Informational Meetings

For more information, email clemsonclassicalacademy@gmail.com


Seneca, SC, USA


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